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Parks and Gardens - Information and Events

NETs, Land and Countryside Services are responsible for parks, park improvements, recreation areas, open spaces and sports grounds maintenance. Our teams also inspect and maintain children's play equipment and administer the garden maintenance scheme and the annual gardens competition. Trees in parks and on council property are managed and maintained by our Tree and woodland management team.

'Have Your Say' 
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Community Choices is a democratic process which empowers communities to have a greater say on how funds are allocated and distributed to the benefit of their locality.


Customer Survey

  • Surveys will be detailed here

Balbardie Park Pumptrack

Funding has been awarded by sportscotland and SUEZ for the construction of a new, asphalt pumptrack in Balbardie Park in autumn 2021. Together with council Capital funds and Developer Contributions, the total investment in this project will be £136,000. The track will be floodlit and will be located next to the skatepark, in place of the small ballcourt. Velosolutions UK has been formally appointed as the track designer/builder and Green Action Trust will help to manage the project. Click on the link to see what the track will look like - Balbardie Park Pumptrack [1MB]

Urban Parks and Open Space -  Customer Survey

If you want to tell us what you think of your park please complete our survey.

Report It

If you want to report a problem with a park please use our online


These reports show everyone's feedback about your park

How to participate

If you would like to be on the mailing list for a park, or to be kept up-to-date with the park improvement process, please contact our Open Space Officers: Simon Scott 01506 284626 or Carol Campbell

Kirkton Park

Friends of the Park

What are they?

  • A  Friends of the Park group is a collection of local people who come together to improve their public park. This could mean anything from doing some simple planting or tidying up, to organising events, or fundraising for new features etc.

Why form a group?

  • This can be for any number of reasons, the main one being to do something positive for a park that you care about. Groups will often start off small and attract new members as they go along and start to achieve things. If successful, a group will give local people pride in their local park, and a sense  of ownership.

Why does the council want to encourage groups?

  • The council want to maximise the benefits a park can provide to all those using it, we want to encourage the public to be involved and in some cases lead in the design, improvement, and management of parks throughout West Lothian.
  • The council can advise on the setup of a group. We can help different groups discuss common issues, and exchange ideas about projects etc. The starting point for anyone wishing to setup a group is to read the 'Start up Pack' -   Friend of the Park - Start up pack [2MB]

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