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Building Standards

Information on applying for a building warrant, submitting a completion certificate and the range of services the building standards team provide.

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This page should allow you to determine if you require a building warrant for your proposed works
The following table of fees is based on the Building Cost Information Service review of building prices - April 2024
You need a building warrant before you can carry out most types of building or demolition work
Building standards forms including link to eBuildingStandards
The online Building Standards Register contains up-to-date information on building warrant applications, completion certificates and enforcement notices.
We can provide replacement documentation relating to building warrants
Completion certificates, late completion certificates and temporary occupation
Inspection of work carried out without a building warrant and confirmation of works not requiring a warrant
Building standards information and performance
Building Standards has a responsibility to deal with dangerous buildings as they occur
Information on raised structures under section 89 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982
This page gives an indication of the services West Lothian Council building standards provide
Building standards performance figures will be updated on a quarterly basis
This page should give an insight into how a building warrant application is determined
Appointments are required to see Building Standards Surveyors and appointments can only be made to discuss a registered building warrant application.