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Letters of Comfort

We can inspect work carried out without a building warrant and, if satisfactory, issue a letter to confirm that no enforcement action will be taken in terms of unauthorised building works or against any outstanding building warrant (a building warrant where the certificate of completion has not been issued). We can also confirm for certain works that a building warrant was not required.

Please note fees for Letters of Comfort will rise on 01 April 2023 - Letter of Comfort fees from 01 April 2023 [42KB] .

A "letter of comfort" is a letter from us which states that action will not be taken in respect of specified works which have either:

  1. been completed before the 1st May 2005 without the required building warrant being obtained -  Letter of comfort for unauthorised works (opens new window), or
  2. been carried out with a building warrant , but no certificate of completion was obtained before this building warrant expired -  Letter of comfort for an expired building warrant (opens new window), or
  3. been carried out as exempt works before 1st May 2005 and no permission was required -  Letter of comfort for exempt works (opens new window) , or

     4. a building warrant is/ was not required for the works and where appropriate complies with the Building Regulations -  Letter of comfort form after May 2005 exempt/works not requiring a warrant (opens new window).

This letter is only issued after a desktop assessment or an inspection has been carried out and any remedial works that are required have been satisfactorily completed.

Fees for a "letter of comfort" can be found on each application form.

Our service standard [161KB]  lets you know what you can expect from us.


This is not a replacement for the legal requirement to obtain a building warrant.

Adequate detailed drawings showing full compliance are still required along with the exposure of any part of the completed works that is deemed necessary to confirm compliance.

Dependent on the works carried out we may still have to consider taking legal action against you.