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Raised Structures

The Building Standards section is responsible for inspecting raised structures and issuing consent to use such structures under section 89 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

This consent is required for all raised structures which take the form of a platform, stand, staging or other similar structures,600mm or more above the surrounding ground/floor level, common examples are:

  • Temporary grandstands at sporting events
  • Staging at pop events
  • A circus
  • Media platform

To apply you must complete an Icon for pdf application for a raised structure [102.42KB] .On making formal application to the council for the use of a raised structure, the application form must be completed, accompanied by the Icon for pdf design certificate [157.85KB] (signed by a structural engineer) and a detailed plan, elevations and sections.

The plan must be accompanied by a specification detailing the sizes and types of materials used in the structure, the details of escape routes, including widths of passage, gangways, seat ways, stair details (rise going , pitch handrail provision etc).

When the raised structure has been erected a Icon for pdf certificate of completion of erection and Inspection of a raised structure' [115.46KB] must be signed by a competent person experienced in erecting such structures.

Any person or party who uses or permits the use of a raised structure for the purpose of providing for her/himself or others raised accommodation without the approval of the council; or contravenes a condition in a notice served on them by the council, is guilty of an offence and may be liable, on a summary conviction, to a fine.

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