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Guide to estimating the value of building work

The following table of fees is based on the Building Cost Information Service review of building prices

The cost of a building warrant  is based on the value of any proposed building work. The tables below contain the minimum cost per square metre for a variety of different construction projects. The minimum estimated value will be updated annually. These tables will be used by building standards to determine the estimated value of any building warrants submitted. Once the estimated value of works has been calculated, the building warrant Icon for pdf fee table [62.29KB]  (also found within related documents) should be used to determine the building warrant fee. Payments can only be made online or by cheque, if paying by cheque, the cheque should be made payable to West Lothian Council.

Please note, when calculating the value of the works the tables below should be used as a guide, rather than any discounted costs which you might be able to achieve. For example, even if the labour was unpaid because it is a self-build project, the value of the building work should still include a fair assessment of the value of labour had commercial contractors undertaken the work.

Domestic buildings

Building Type                                                                                     Minimum estimated value (£/m2)
Single storey one off housing (up to 3 units)1166
Multi storey one off housing (up to 3 units)1432
Single Storey estate housing1033
Two storey estate housing914
Three storey estate housing903
Housing conversions involving major internal work (assume structure intact)694
Single storey extension / Conservatories1166
Multi storey extension1432
Garages/outbuildings (Generally and un-heated)357

Non Domestic Buildings

Building Type                                                                                                                         Minimum estimated value (£/m2)                  
Agricultural buildings (Generally)169
Factories (Generally)657
Purpose built factories/offices703
Warehouses/stores (Generally)553
Offices (Generally)1290
Retail Warehouses (Generally)616
Supermarkets (Generally)1204
Shops (Generally)786
Health centres/clinics (Generally)1569
Nursing Homes1216
General purpose halls1481
Schools (Generally)1618
Office conversions involving major work701
Shop conversions involving major work1145
Warehouse/stores conversions involving major work558
Public houses conversions involving major work776

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