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  • EIB Issue 8 Bullying and Harassment (Adobe pdf documents)

    EIB Issue 8 Bullying and Harassment Guidance Bullying and Harassment

  • Reimbursement of Medical Examination Fee (Microsoft Word)

    Medical Examination Fee Reimbursement Form Expenses

  • Excess Travel Claim Form (Microsoft Word)

    Excess Travel Time Claim Form West Lothian Council EXCESS TRAVELLING EXPENSES CLAIM Period: Pay No: Name: Home Address: Post Code: Post: Former Work Location: N...

  • Excess Travel - Assessment of Eligibility (Microsoft Word)

    Assessment of eligibility for excess travelling expenses EXCESS TRAVELLING EXPENSES ASSESSMENT OF ELIGIBILITY Name: Pay No: Address: Post Code: Designation: New...

  • Court Expenses (Microsoft Word)

    Court Attendance West Lothian Council COURT ATTENDANCE JURY DUTY & TIME OFF You must advise your line manager when you receive a summons for jury duty. You will...

  • EIB Issue 18 Violence Agression-Personal Safety (June 2018) (Adobe pdf documents)

    Violence Agression-Personal Safety ( June 2018) Guidance Unacceptable actions

  • Procedure for Dealing with Complaints of Bullying & Harassment - Formal Complaint Form (Microsoft Word)

    Formal complaint form Form Bullying and Harassment

  • Investigation Brief (Microsoft Word)

    DISCIPLINARY INVESTIGATION BRIEF Investigation Brief Disciplinary Investigation Brief Form Bullying and Harassment Discipline

  • Investigation Checklist (Microsoft Word)

    DISCIPLINARY INVESTIGATION CHECKLIST Investigation Checklist Disciplinary Investigation Checklist Form Bullying and Harassment Discipline

  • Record of Investigatory Interview (Microsoft Word)

    RECORD OF INVESTIGATORY INTERVIEW DISCIPLINARY Record of Investigatory Interview Record of Investigatory Interview Form Bullying and Harassment Discipline