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Food Safety Information

Environmental Health provide guidance and advice with regard to Food Safety, including registering a food business, carrying out inspections and investigating complaints.

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If you are hoping to start up a new food business it is essential that you get things right from the start.
If the place you have in mind hasn't been a food business before contact our Development Management team for help about planning permission.
Whilst the vast majority of food and drink we consume is produced safely there are times when things go wrong. Environmental health will investigate concerns regarding food safety whether that be from food and drink which has been purchased or consumed, or the premises selling food.
Food Hygiene Information Sheets
Environmental health will investigate certain types of food poisoning and infectious diseases to see if there is information which can help identify a cause, or if there is evidence of a wider problem within the local community.
Safe and healthy food is vital to our wellbeing. Environmental health officers work closely with other groups and individuals who encourage and support the providing of healthy food options in local businesses.
Whether you are running a large commercial kitchen or preparing food in the home kitchen the same rules apply when it comes to keeping food safe and people protected from food poisoning.
How to register a food business.
What is the Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS).
Any food business which exports food and drink to countries out with the European Economic Area may require to provide the receiving country with a certificate relating to the safety of the food, or the safety of the premises where the food was produced.
There are specific legal obligations placed on local authorities in regard to delivering food safety official controls.
The following information will be of help to food business operators in meeting their duties to reduce food waste and comply with new legal requirements regarding the separation and collection of food waste.
If you run a food business you have a legal duty to ensure that anyone working with food or in a food environment is suitably trained in food safety.
West Lothian Council's Environmental Health team have a legal duty to inspect food businesses within their area to ensure that they are complying with the different pieces of national food law which set out rules and standards to keep food safe.
Important documents relating to food safety