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Council Tax

Information on charges and reductions, bandings and how to pay your council tax.

  • Paying Council Tax

    We offer different ways for you to easily pay your Council Tax

  • Who pays Council Tax?

    Who is liable to pay Council Tax

  • Report a change in circumstances

    The amount of Council Tax you are liable to pay may be affected by certain changes in your circumstances, when you move house, a tenant moves into your property or there is a change in your household.

  • Council Tax Discounts, Exemptions & Reductions

    There are a number of discounts, exemptions or reductions that you may be entitled to.

  • Council Tax bands

    Information on the council tax band of your house, the charge for your house, who gives your house its council tax band and how to appeal the band your house has been given.

  • Charges for water & waste water

    Information on charges for water and waste water that are included in your bill and collected on behalf of Scottish Water

  • Problems paying?

    If you are having problems paying who to contact and what happens if you don't pay your Council Tax.

  • Electronic Billing

    How to receive your council tax bill electronically.