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Universal Credit Advice for Council Tenants

What Universal Credit means to you if you are a council tenant.

Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. It will eventually replace many of the benefits and tax credits you may be getting at the moment. This replacement is called "Managed Migration." The Department for Work and Pensions started moving "legacy" claimants to Universal Credit in 2022. It is expected that all claimants will be migrated by March 2025. You should speak to a Welfare Rights Advisor if you have any queries or concerns regarding Managed Migration.

Each year from April you must log onto your UC journal and complete a 'Confirm your housing costs'. You can access your Universal Credit account here (opens new window). If you have not done this, it's not too late, please update it now with the change from 4 April 2022. Failure to do this will result in rent arrears owing. You can find your rent charge by using the Tenants' Self Service.


Once you are on Universal Credit and start working, you will need to tell the DWP of your change of circumstances, but do not close your claim as you may still be entitled to some Universal Credit. Please see the  DWP's [84KB]  leaflet.

For more information, please see the  Universal Credit Booklet [1MB]  and council's Universal Credit page