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Housing Options

This Housing Options Guide will provide you with links to potentially available support available to you in West Lothian.

When it comes to choosing the best possible solution for you and your family it can be challenging and overwhelming. On this page, we have included links to useful information to help guide you on the Housing Options available to you. 

If you need to speak to someone, we are here to help. Our Housing Options Team can offer you a telephone appointment to discuss your Housing Options. You should call us on 01506 280000 and your details will be passed to the team who will arrange a suitable appointment time with you. We will go over your current housing situation and the options available to either remain where you are or move to another property that is more suited to your needs. We can discuss things such as affordability issues, eviction, rent arrears and maximising the points on your current housing application.

Below you will also find some frequently asked questions which may provide you with quick answers:


There are around 200 housing associations and housing co-operatives in Scotland registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator, with several local and national housing providers offering a range of accommodation in the Council area. Their names, addresses and contacts etc. are listed at the end of this section.
This page provides information for Tenants of privately rented accommodation. The local privately rented sector is buoyant, particularly in the larger settlements around West Lothian, but there are also opportunities in most of the smaller towns and villages.
The Council operates a Scheme of Assistance to people living in owner-occupied or privately rented housing by offering information and advice to help them meet the costs of having their homes repaired, improved or adapted.
Information on the council's policies and strategies, and information for council tenants.
The Open Market Shared Equity Scheme is currently open to all first time buyers in certain areas. See Section 3.1.10 for details of the registered social landlord who administers the scheme in West Lothian.
West Lothian has experienced a great deal of House Building in the recent past. West Lothian is a popular place to buy a home with most areas having easy access to a variety of amenities and equally good access to transport links.
The Scottish Government's National Mortgage to Rent Scheme may be able to help you if you are an owner occupier in mortgage difficulties and you are in danger of having your home repossessed.
Many people who rent their homes, and are on incomes which are significantly below average, are entitled to receive the largely Government funded Housing Benefit.
Special needs housing is a general term covering housing built with particular tenant groups in mind. Usually it involves either specially built or adapted housing, for example housing for older or disabled people, or houses linked to some support facility for adults with learning difficulties. It can also refer to houses allocated to particular groups, for example older people.
Information and advice on what to do if you are homeless or facing the possibility of homelessness.
A summary of Mid-Market Rentals, How to Apply and Who to Contact.