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  • Return from Maternity Leave (Microsoft Word)

    RETURN FROM MATERNITY LEAVE Return from Maternity Leave West Lothian Council return from maternity leave Form Family Care

  • Application for Parental Leave (Microsoft Word)

    APPLICATION FOR PARENTAL LEAVE Application for Parental Leave West Lothian Council application for parental leave Form Family Care

  • Reimbursement of Optical Charges (Microsoft Word)

    REIMBURSEMENT OF OPTICAL CHARGES Reimbursement of Optical Charges West Lothian Council form of reimbursement of optical charges Form Expenses

  • Change of Personal Circumstances (Microsoft Word)

    CHANGE OF PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES Change of Personal Circumstances West Lothian Council employees change of personal circumstances Form Organisational change

  • Contractual Change Form - Hours & Work Pattern (Microsoft Word)

    CONTRACTUAL CHANGE FORM - HOURS & WORK PATTERN Contractual Change Form - Hours & Work Pattern West Lothian Council - Contractual Changes Form - Hours & Work Pat...

  • Application to Reduce Working Hours (Microsoft Word)

    APPLICATION TO REDUCE WORKING HOURS Application to Reduce Working Hours West Lothian Council application to reduce working hours Form Flexible working

  • Termination/Transfer Notification (Microsoft Word)

    NOTIFICATION FOR TERMINATION/TRANSFER Termination/Transfer Notification West Lothian Council notification for termination or transfer Form Pay

  • Employee Checklist for Termination (Microsoft Word)

    EMPLOYEE CHECKLIST FOR TERMINATION Employee Checklist for Termination West Lothian Council employee checklist for termination Form

  • Job Evaluation Request (Microsoft Word)

    JOB EVALUATION REQUEST Job Evaluation Request West Lothian Council request form for job evaluation Form Job evaluation

  • Job Evaluation Questionnaire (Microsoft Word)

    JOB EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE Job Evaluation Questionnaire West Lothian Council job evaluation questionnaire Form Job evaluation