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Craigshill Regeneration Area

Craigshill is located within the East Livingston and East Calder ward and has a population of 5,849.

Craigshill Regeneration Plan - Transform Craigshill   
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Community engagement has been carried out throughout 2017-2018 to find out how the people of Craigshill feel about their area.  The data gathered is being used to identify key areas to be improved and from them create a 20 year regeneration plan. A collated summary of these findings can be downloaded here:    Craigshill Findings Report [873KB]

A Place Standard was undertaken within the Regeneration steering group once all the collated findings were produced. The findings report was divided into the 16 place standard themes and the group as a whole agreed and scored each place standard. This enabled the group to create a three pronged approach to give the plan:

  • A baseline to work from
  • To recognise emerging themes that may not be community priorities but are impacting on residents quality of life and are present within services and organisations.
  • To stimulate initial discussion on collaborative working to address community priorities and mitigate emerging trends

Craigshill Regeneration Area

A copy of the completed Place Standard can be downloaded here:   Craigshill Place Standard [270KB]

Regeneration Group and Transform Craigshill Plan

The regeneration plan and group's name have been changed to Transform Craigshill and after discussions with the group a Strapline of "Today, Tomorrow, Together" has ben created. Initially the core Transform  Craigshill group will meet monthly. However, the decision on frequency of meetings will be determined by the members of the groups and the action being worked on. For more information on upcoming meetings please contact Lesley Keirnan, Community Regeneration Officer. Her contact details can be found at the right hand side of the page. 

During the community consultation 4 key themes were identified. The plan has been split into 5 parts for ease of reading. The first section is an overall introduction and background to the plan, the four further sections are action plans centred around the key themes. The plan and all action plans will be updated as the communities priorities change over the next 20 years. These plans are live documents and will be periodically updated.

The latest versions of the plan and its actions plans can be downloaded below: (Updated June 2019)