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Smells and Odours in Homes

Every home has it own smell, but sometimes homes can be affected by unpleasant or unusual smells

If you can't establish the source of the smell or odour in your property, contact Environmental Health & Trading Standards. for advice and assistance.

If you notice an unpleasant or foul smell coming from a neighbouring property please contact Environmental Health for assistance. You can also consider whether you can offer the occupier help or point them in the direction of help such as social work assistance.

Smells affecting communal areas

Sometimes the smell from a home can be noticed by neighbours, particularly in an enclosed stairwell. Unless the smell is adversely affecting the inside of other homes, Environmental Health cannot take any formal action. However, it might show that your neighbour is having difficulty managing life. Consider whether you can offer them help, point them in the direction of help, or request help for them.