Repairs and Maintenance

Please find information regarding Repairs and Maintenance.

An image relating to Asbestos - What you need to know
This page gives information on asbestos - what it is, why it is a problem and how it should be dealt with
A dedicated Estates Management Team clean and maintain communal staircases, landings, entrance halls and other areas in and around blocks of flats and maisonettes on Council estates.
Information on what will happen should we be working on the guttering of your council house.
The Right to Repair Scheme enables you to have certain small essential repairs, called 'qualifying repairs', done within a maximum time-scale set by the government.
Information on what to consider if WLC are painting the exterior of your council house
West Lothian Council has a legal duty to ensure that gas appliances, gas piping and flues provided for tenants use are well maintained and safe.
Information on who is responsible for repairs
Information if your council house is part of a programme of kitchen and /or bathroom replacement.
Smoke alarm systems that meet the new Scottish Government legislation are being installed and where required systems that have reached their expiry date are being replaced.
Some information on roof and render works to council houses
Every home has it own smell, but sometimes homes can be affected by unpleasant or unusual smells
As part of a replacement/refurbishment programme for your home we will remove and replace windows, fixtures and fittings. The work will take around two working days and our operatives will try to refit your blinds, curtains, fittings etc. to their original position

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