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The count for the election will take place at West Lothian College on Friday 6 May 2022. The results will be made available using the link above.

Dirty, Cluttered or Smelly Homes

Sometimes life gets on top of owners or tenants and their home can get cluttered, smelly or sometimes badly soiled. No-one sets out to live in these conditions and it's often the result of other complications in life.

Dirty Homes

Homes can sometimes become heavily soiled with faeces or waste food. This can sometimes be caused by excessive numbers of pets. Where this is adversely affecting the use of a neighbouring property or poses a health risk, Environmental Health and Trading Standards can take formal action to require a clean up. Where necessary, this may be paid for initially by the council, with the owner or occupier being billed for the clear up, plus costs.

Cluttered Homes

Sometimes known as hoarders, the occupiers often overstock their home with food or other materials. They may also be reluctant to throw things out. For more information, see Hoarding.

Smelly or Unpleasant Smelling Homes

Environmental Health can intervene in certain situations. For more information, see Smells and Odours in Homes.

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