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New Road, Footpath and Cyclepath Developments

The following details the proposed New Road, Footpath and Cyclepath Improvements works within West Lothian.

Places for Everyone Projects

The aim of Places for Everyone is to create safe, attractive, healthier places by increasing the number of trips made by walking, cycling and wheeling for everyday journeys.

The council has been successful in its bid for 50% funding from Sustrans (Scotland), as part of the Places for Everyone funding programme, to construct a cyclepath between Armadale and Whitburn.

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Livingston Signage Strategy Alderstone Road Route

Dougall Baillie Associates (DBA) were commissioned by West Lothian Council to produce supporting information to accompany a new signage strategy for the cycling and walking routes within Livingston - Livingston Signage Strategy Alderstone Road Route [42MB]

Projects under construction:

  • U26 - Drainage Works : South of Broxburn (Between A89 Newhouses, Kilpunt, Birdsmill) - Still ongoing
  • Northfield Crescent and Terrace, Longridge

Projects programmed to commence

Work on the following projects has been programmed to commence. Temporary road closures may be required during the works to ensure the safety of the workforce and the public. Details of Road Closures and Diversions will be provided on the council's website prior to works commencing.

  • A71 - West End, Main Street, East End, West Calder
  • B708 - Lower Bathville, Armadale
  • B7015 - Between East Calder and A71 - Phase 1 complete. Second Phase still to do
  • B7015 - Between East Calder and A71 - start date is late Autumn.
  • Linlithgow High Street - July start date
  • Woodcockdale Canalside Car Park - July start
  • Faraday Place, Addiewell - July start
  • A7066 Cycle Scheme between Boghead and Whitdale Roundabouts. 13 June 2022

Projects being designed

Carriageway resurfacing works will be carried out later this year on the following list of roads. 

  • B7015 - Between East Calder and A71
  • Linlithgow High Street
  • A89 Edinburgh Road, Bathgate - Train Station to Guildiehaugh : cycleway design and carriageway resurfacing - Design stage
  • Various AIP scheme
  • Various accessibility schemes   

Projects Completed

Carriageway Surface Dressing of the following roads:

  • Polbeth Community Centre : Car Park resurfacing
  • Blaeberryhill Road, Whitburn : carriageway resurfacing
  • B792 - Addiewell to Tenants March, West Calder
  • B792 - Ballencrief Toll to Torphichen
  • C9 - Glenmavis to Cathlaw
  • C10 - Bridgehouse to Armadale
  • C18 - Cathlaw to Longmuir
  • C19 - Ochiltree

Carriageway Resurfacing

  • B708 - Lower Bathville
  • B7008 Harburn Road, West Calder : A71 southwards village gateway
  • Station Road, Addiewell Phase 1, Carriageway Resurfacing
  • Thymebank, Ladywell
  • A71 - West End, Main Street, East End, West Calder
  • B7015 - Between East Calder and A71 - Phase 1 complete. Second Phase still to do.
  • B708 - Lower Bathville, Armadale
  • A706 - Carriageway Resurfacing : Longridge Road, Whitburn (Dixon Terrace to Croftmalloch Road)
  • C5 - Drainage Works and Carriageway Patching : A904 Past Pardovan
  • Mayfield Drive, Armadale, Carriageway and Footway Resurfacing

Footway Works

  • Alderstone Path, Livingston
  • Harrysmuir North/South/Terrace, Pumpherston
  • Path to South of Harrysmuir PS

Footway Works

Footway resurfacing work has been identified in the following areas for construction later this year.

  • Capstan Walk Linlithgow, Footway Works
  • Garden Place, Eliburn, New Footway Construction
  • A779 Starlaw Road, Livingston : New Footway Installation
  • B7002 Birniehill Bathgate : New Footway Installation

Other Projects

Work is progressing on the following projects for construction later this year.

  • A706 - Whitdale Roundabout
  • A801 - Heatherfield to Westfield Roundabout
  • A89 - Between Dechmont & Kilpunt Roundabout
  • C25 - Overshiel to B7015   
  • Alderstone Road, Livingston - Eliburn North to Newyearfield Roundabouts
  • Balbardie Avenue, Bathgate (between numbers 79 - 95)
  • Eldrick Avenue, Fauldhouse
  • Eldrick Crescent, Fauldhouse
  • Gleneagles Court, Whitburn
  • Hillside Place, Longridge
  • Northfield Crescent and Terrace, Longridge
  • U23 - Standhill Road, Bathgate
  • Fallas Place, Fauldhouse - parking bays
  • Uphall PS - car park
  • Main Street, East Whitburn

Contact information

If you would like any further information to discuss any of these proposals, contact by email or telephone 01506 284534.


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