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Roads, Streets and Parking

Information on road closures, diversions and traffic disruptions in the West Lothian area.
Information on gritting routes, grit bins, winter maintenance operations and what you can do to help and stay safe.
Report issues including potholes, abandoned vehicles, broken street lights, damaged pavements, dead animals, flooding and graffiti.
Information on new road developments, road construction contents, improvements to roads, footpaths and cyclepaths and private road maintenance.
Information on parking in West Lothian including the Blue Badge Scheme, parking for disabled people and dropped kerb requests.
West Lothian Council carries out a range of initiatives in it's Road Safety Plan for improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and car users.
West Lothian Council is responsible for maintaining an adopted road network consisting of 1043km (648 miles) of carriageways and 1390km of footways. We have an experienced team who are dedicated to providing a safe and reliable road network for West Lothian road users.
West Lothian Council is committed to providing a high level of service to its customers and your feedback is important.