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Private roads to adoptable standards

The making up of private roads to adoptable standards

The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 provides that the responsibility for the maintenance of a private road lies with the owner of land or property fronting onto the road. The road does not become a public road maintainable at public expense until it has been brought up to a standard of construction and alignment that is acceptable to the Council as Roads Authority and has been formally adopted as such. The responsibility under the Act for making the road up to an acceptable standard lies with the frontagers.

The council's Scheme for Making Up Private Roads to Adoptable Standards has now been discontinued and grant assistance is therefore no longer available to the frontagers of private roads to assist in any upgrading works.

Roads and Transportation Services -  Development Planning team can give general information on upgrading private roads and any interested person(s) should contact the team for advice.

Adopted Roads or Footpaths