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Paying my Rent

How to pay your rent, where to pay your rent and details of your rent charge.

This page gives you information on your rent charges and different ways to pay your rent.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent and need advice please refer to the Advice on Paying Your Rent page.

2023/24 Rent/Garage/Service Charge Increase

The statutory rent increase notice was sent to all tenants which explains there is a 3.5% increase to rent, garage and service charges for financial year 2023/24. If you have a mainstream tenancy, you would have received a letter like this  rent notice letter [83KB] . Tenants of temporary tenancies and garages will have received similar notice letters.

When to pay your rent

Your rent is due to be paid weekly.

If you have a mainstream tenancy, the charge for your rent is over 48 weeks of the year. This means that in the financial year 2023/24 you have four non-charge weeks. Please note this only applies if you are up to date with your rent account.

Non-Charge Weeks;

  • 18th December 2023,
  • 25th December 2023,
  • 18th March 2024 and
  • 25th March 2024.

How to view your rent account

You can check your rent account and balance through the tenant's self service portal. To register to use the portal you will need your 11 digit rent account number. If you need help to register, please contact your Community Housing Officer using the contact methods on the Contacting the Council page.

How to Pay


Your rent is essential to ensuring that we can continue delivering good quality services to our tenants and maintain our housing stock. We publish articles in our Tenants News and our Landlord Report on the rent we collect and what it is spent on. The below links are to some of these articles;

You can find more issues of Tenants News and Landlord Reports on our Tenant Information and Publications page.

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Support if you are having difficulties paying
We know that people can find themselves in rent arrears for all kinds of reasons, and we understand that dealing with debt can be daunting.