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Developer Contributions Funding Schemes

These are monies that the council has received from large housing developments as part of 'Section 75' agreements which detail what contributions developers will provide towards local infrastructure and when. Sometimes this includes monies which are towards general town or village improvements, such as those below, which the council then administers as a fund.

The list below contains those places for where funds are being made available to the council to administer. Each scheme is slightly different to reflect the local requirements and agreements for that area.

Please click on the relevant area below to get more information on applications and guidance for funds that may be available for community groups and services to apply to.

For any queries on these schemes generally, please email:

 Applications for Fauldhouse are now OPEN.  Final application submission due by 5pm on Monday 13 September 2021.

Application for Winchburgh are now OPEN. For application deadlines please see the Winchburgh section below.