Rent Arrears

We know that people can find themselves in rent arrears for all kinds of reason, and we understand that it can be difficult facing up to your problems.

But the good news is your local housing office is here to help!  If you are failing to pay your rent, for whatever reason, don't make things worse - speak to us now by calling 01506 280000.

Paying Rent is not a matter of choice

Why it is important rent is collected?

A large part of your rent goes directly into repairing and maintaining your home. Another part goes towards upgrading yours and other tenants' homes. By failing to pay rent, you let yourself and everyone else down.

What will happen if I contact you about my arrears?

You will be offered a private appointment with your Housing officer.

How can a Housing officer help me?

Officers are trained to handle your enquiries in a friendly and confidential way. They can:-

  • Agree for you to pay in instalments.
  • Help identify benefits you may be entitled to but are not currently claiming.
  • Help you negotiate with other companies you owe money to.

What if I ignore my arrears?

Every year across Scotland, an increasing number of local authority tenants are evicted for failing to pay their rent - West Lothian is no different.

We will do everything in our power to help you stay in your home, but we have no legal obligation to house you if you refuse to pay arrears.

Apart from eviction, what other action can the Council take to collect arrears?

We will make every effort to help you deal with your arrears - but, if our attempts to reach an agreement with you fail, or you break an agreement to pay arrears, we may need to consider further action.  This may involve:-

  • Deducting payments from your benefits
  • Taking Court action to arrest part of your wages

Advice Shop

The Council's Advice Shop has specialist advisors who can assist you with Welfare Benefits, Money Advice and Energy Advice.

These advisors will help you to claim Welfare Benefits you are entitled to, negotiate with creditors on your behalf, or provide advice and assistance with energy and its' domestic uses.

Simply pop along to the Advice Shop at Bathgate Partnership Centre or phone 01506 283000.

So if you are worried about your arrears, please let us help you.  But remember, do it now...

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