Relocation Grant

This is a grant which will be awarded to Council Tenants to help them move from a house they are seriously under-occupying, to a house more suitable for their needs, which is at least 2 bedrooms smaller.

Seriously under-occupying is where there are at least two bedrooms unused. The grant is also available to Council tenants moving to sheltered or amenity housing. In this instance Tenants can move from any size of house. 

Who qualifies for this grant?

Anyone who is a Council Tenant and

  • Is moving to another council house which is at least 2 bedrooms smaller or
  • Is moving to sheltered or amenity housing and
  • Has a clear rent account ,unless there are exceptional circumstances and
  • Has not moved before, with assistance from this scheme

How much is the grant?

  • The grant is £1000

Note that;

  • We will be entitled to deduct from the grant any money owed to us such as rent arrears or other outstanding charges at the time
  • There is a limited budget for this scheme. Payment of the grant will be subject to the availability of funds

How to apply for this grant?

Once you have either:-

  • accepted your formal offer of another tenancy or
  • received written permission to carry out a mutual exchange of houses with another tenant

You can complete the Icon for word Tenants Relocation Grant Application Form [93.38KB].  Once you have filled in this form, you can email it to and one of our officers will get in touch. 

Alternatively, you can post your completed application to:

Housing Allocations
West Lothian Council
West Lothian Civic Centre
Howden South Road
EH54 6FF

What happens next?

Within 14 days of receipt :-

  • We will assess your application
  • If successful the grant will be awarded and payment will be made via BACS transfer
  • If your application is unsuccessful we will send you a letter explaining why the application was refused

Will an existing housing application be cancelled?

Yes - If you are re-housed with the help of a relocation grant then we will cancel your existing housing application

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