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Care Worker

You may be entitled to a Council Tax discount if a resident in the property is an unpaid or paid care worker.

To qualify as an unpaid care worker the person must be

  • resident in the same dwelling as the person receiving care; and
  • providing care for at least 35 hours a week on average; and
  • providing care to a person who is not his/her spouse or child under 18 (spouse includes unmarried couples living together); and
  • providing care to someone receiving or entitled to:
    • higher rate attendance allowance; or
    • the highest rate care component of the disability living allowance; or
    • an increased rate disablement pension; or
    • daily living component of personal independence payment at the enhanced rate ; or
    • enhanced rate of daily living component of adult disability payment;
    • an increase in a constant attendance allowance; or
    • armed forces independence payment; or
    • highest rate care component of child disability payment

To qualify as a paid care worker the person must be

  • providing care or support on behalf of a local authority, the Crown or a charitable organisation or be introduced by one of these organisations to the person receiving care who is now employing the care worker directly; and
  • providing care or support for at least 24 hours a week; and
  • paid not more than £44  per week; and
  • resident in premises provided by the employer for the better performance of the work.

Note: If the person providing care has left the property they normally live at empty to provide care elsewhere or if the cared for person has left the property they normally live at empty to receive care elsewhere they may be entitled to an exemption.


How to apply:

To complete the application, you will need:

  • The details of the person liable to pay Council Tax.
  • Details of all other residents in the property (aged 16 or over).
  • A digital copy of the qualifying benefit the cared for person receives. This is required as supporting evidence for the application.

Once you have this information, make your application for a Council Tax discount.