Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Information and Updates

Updates on council services, latest news and information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


This page provides some details on the animal control and related welfare issues delivered by the Environmental Health service. If your concern is related to the welfare of an animal that you believe to be in distress or neglected we would advise you first contact the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999. Please remember that the Scottish SPCA is a charity with limited resources and should only be contacted with genuine animal welfare concerns.
West Lothian Council's Pest Control team investigate and treat pest control issues within West Lothian.
Information on energy advice and sustainability measures being implemented in West Lothian.
Information on different types of pollution which exist including water pollution, noise pollution and air pollution, with information on how to report issues.
Water is essential to life, but too little, too much, poor quality or in the wrong place can be a problem. Find out here who to contact.
Find out about biodiversity and geodiversity in West Lothian and why it is important to preserve our natural environment

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