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Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Biodiversity and geodiversity together make up the total natural diversity of planet Earth.

What is Biodiversity?

'Biodiversity' is the variety of life on Earth. It can mean 'diversity' on many levels; the vast number of individual species of plants and animals, the genetic diversity within and between these species, and the different habitats, biomes and ecosystems of which they are part, including grassland, forest, waterways and seas. Biodiversity also includes the diversity within microscopic organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

What is Geodiversity?

'Geodiversity' is the variety of the geological and physical elements of nature, such as minerals, rocks, soils, fossils and landforms, and active geological and geomorphological processes.

West Lothian's landscape has developed and been shaped over millions of years, by geological processes and by people. West Lothian's Local Geodiversity Sites have been selected to represent the variety of landscapes, landforms and rock features of the area.
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Protecting, connecting, conserving and enhancing biodiversity throughout the area, whether rural or urban, is important for the health of our environment, wildlife and our communities.