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Citizen Led Inspections (CLI)

The Citizen Led Inspection programme has been suspended due to Covid 19. Citizen Led Inspections (CLI) is a programme of inspection of council services using lay inspectors from our community. This award winning initiative is a council designed programme that encourages our community to get involved in improving and re-designing council services.

The Citizen Led Inspection (CLI) programme

Citizen Led Inspection [608KB]  was introduced in 2011 and expanded in 2015 to include a customer observation 'Look See' inspection. Citizen Led Inspection offers local people the opportunity to inspect and improve West Lothian Council services on behalf of everyone living and working in the area.  It is the only council-wide programme of its type in Scotland.

CLI gives citizens a stronger voice in the decision-making process and allows the council to work more closely with our community to build stronger, more responsive services for people living in West Lothian. It allows the council to gain a better understanding of what local people need and therefore helps to design better services to meet those needs.

What is involved in being an Inspector?

The Citizen Inspectors volunteer their time and the benefit of their experience as customers. The Inspectors spend time within council services, observing, collating information and interviewing in order to challenge performance and practice within our services.  A report is generated at the end of each inspection and the Inspectors meet with the service(s) involved in the inspection to feedback their findings.

How to become an Inspector?

The Inspector Specification [124KB] and Frequently Asked Questions [283KB] allows you to get a better understanding of Citizen Led Inspections and helps you to decide if you would like to pursue this opportunity.

If you wish to become an inspector then complete the Application Form [62KB] and email it to:

A Citizen Led Inspection Report is produced by the Inspection Team each time an inspection is completed.