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Council Performance

The Council Performance section explains how well our services perform and how the council will improve services. This includes the way that the council collates, tracks and reports performance, explaining what this means and what action is needed to improve our service performance.

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Telling people how our services are performing is important.  It helps the council to demonstrate that we are open and honest with the public.  Also that we are working to improve the value and impact of our services for the people living, working and learning in West Lothian.

If you have a comment or question about council performance, please contact us on:

West Lothian Council monitors achievement through a range of activities and uses this information to improve services.  This includes:

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The council reports our performance in the key outcomes and priorities to the public to demonstrate that we are delivering services efficiently and effectively, helping to make West Lothian a better place to live, work and learn.
Benchmarking is an improvement process that allows West Lothian Council to compare our performance with similar organisations, such as other local Scottish authorities. This is used to identify what we are doing well and how we can learn from the high performance and good practice of others.
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West Lothian Council services are regularly assessed for quality, impact and efficiency. Audit, Inspections and Awards help the council to understand how we can improve.
West Lothian Council's Annual Report Factfile provides an overview of key council activities and achievements in five priority areas.
Information on the council's overall Corporate Plan, Service Improvement Plans and Strategies