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I only have a blue bin

If you only have a blue bin, it can be used to recycle paper, card, cardboard, plastics, metals and cartons.

Blue Bin Graphic

Information is detailed below on what goes in your blue bin.

On your day of collection, please place your bin on the kerbside with the lid closed by 7am. Please remove any locks, straps or weights before presenting your bin.

Unfortunately, we cannot take anything that is not in the bin. It is vital that all items are in the bin with the lid shut.

What can I put in my blue bin?

Your blue bin is for clean, empty and dry recycling.

Comingled Blue Bin Materials

What should NOT go in my blue bin?

Top tips for blue bins:

  • Everything must be clean and dry - wet and dirty materials such as food and drinks waste, nappies and pet waste, spreads through the whole load and means it will be rejected and landfilled.
  • If your blue bin contains items in black bin bags or plastic bags it will not be collected.
  • Please try not to compact the material in your bin, this can result in your bin being half emptied on collection day.  If your bin is not fully emptied due to the material being compacted, or frozen together in winter months, it is your responsibility to loosen the material ready for your next scheduled collection. No additional collection will be provided for half emptied bins.
  • Please ensure that your bin is not too heavy as this can result in the bin lip snapping and the bin falling when lifted onto the lorry. This is dangerous for collection staff.  If your bin is deemed to be too heavy it will not be emptied and it is your responsibility to ensure items are removed so that the bin can be emptied on the next collection day.  No additional collections will be provided for bins which are considered to be too heavy. 

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