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Bin Collection Daily Updates

Information on disruptions to bin collections can be viewed here.

Daily Disruptions to Bin Collections

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Roadworks Impacting Collections

Please Note: With the increasing number of roadworks taking place in West Lothian at the moment it is essential that you place your bins outside the roadworks area for them to be emptied.  We will not return for any bins which are not outside this area as it is your responsibility to ensure that they are accessible for us to uplift them. Current road works causing issues with collections include (but are not limited to):


Road closures can cause disruption to your bin collection services. Due to their nature they vary depending on the scale of works and the methods that the contractor uses to undertake their work. You should present your bins for collection at the nearest point which can be accessed by our refuse collection vehicles. This is either outside of the closure section itself or in a designated location that the contractor has provided for access to be maintained.


U26, Rural Broxburn. U26, from Muirend Farm, southwards then westwards to junction for Illieston Cottages (at Muirend Cottage)

01.08.2021- 30.11.2021
Lower BathvilleB709 Lower Bathville, from B8084 South Street (Bathville Crossroads) to Old Golf Course Road27.09.2021- 30.11.2021
PumpherstonHarrysmuir Terrace/Crescent/North/South04.10.2021- 06.12.2021
East CalderB7015, East Calder14.11.2021- 24.12.2021
BathgateMain Street, Bathgate (between Gideon Street and Jarvey Street)22.11.2021- 12.12.2021
LadywellFootpath Closure: Harrysmuir Path between Inveralmond Community High School (at the rear of number 15 Lochbank) and the junction with Loan Path22.11.2021- 06.12.2021
LinlithgowSt Michael's Wynd, Linlithgow22.11.2021- 12.12.2021
PhilipstounC5 from junction with C6 Northwards to junction with the A90426.11.2021- 24.12.2021
KirknewtonKirknewton level crossing. Station Road: From the junction with Caledonian Court, westwards to the junction with the arm of the B7031 which runs north-south27.11.2021- 28.11.2021
LinlithgowHighfield Crescent, Linlithgow (o/s nos. 10-16)29.11.2021- 10.12.2021
BroxburnU26, Rural Broxburn30.11.2021- 31.01.2021
BeecraigsBeecraigs Country Park. Closure of Right of Way 02.12.2021- 24.12.2021
BroxburnWest Main Street, Broxburn (o/s nos. 181-189)02.12.2021- 02.12.2021
West CalderFrom the C28 to the West Hartwood Crofts Access06.12.2021-24.12.2021
BathgateMill Road and Millhaugh Lane07.12.2021- 12.12.2021
Newhouses RoadNewhouses Road (at the railway overbridge)12.12.21- 13.12.21
AdambraeLawson Glade, Livingston (outside nos. 1 and 27)14.12.2021- 14.12.2021
BathgateJarvey Street, Bathgate (o/s nos. 1-11 Jarvey Street)15.12.2021- 15.12.2021
FauldhouseLanrigg Road, Fauldhouse22.12.2021- 22.12.2021
ArmadaleGlenwood Drive, Armadale (o/s nos. 11-33)22.12.2021- 22.12.2021
WinchburghB8020 Beatlie Road and Station View, Winchburgh23.12.2021- 18.02.2022
WinchburghB8020: From a point 100mtrs Northwards of the junction with Cannon Street, Northwards to the Myreside Farm access. Footpath from 15 to 53 Station View: For its full length. 17.05.2021-23.12.2021

Lanrigg Road: Both Sides.  From Junction with Lanrigg Court, South-Westwards for a distance of 90mtrs.

Eastfield Road Both sides .  From Junction with Lanrigg Road, South Eastwards for a distance of 40mtrs.  

0930hrs-1800 22.12.2021

DeansDean South: From a point 25 meters or thereby South-Eastwards of the junction with the main Deans South Urban distributor Road. (Outside No 69 Deans South) Generally South Westwards to the junction with Jura. 05.07.2021-22.05 2022
LivingstonFalconer Rise, Livingston10.01.2022- 31.03.2022
BathgateSouth Mid Street-Both sides From Academy Street southwards to Southern Boundary of No 170. 10.01.2022-04.02.2022
PhilipstounC5 (from Philipstoun to B9080)10.01.2022- 31.03.2022
West CalderB7008 Harburn Road, West Calder17.01.2022- 17.04.2022
KirknewtonU28 Linburn Road - From junction with the A71 to junction with U3131.01.2022- 29.04.2022
BathgateA89 Edinburgh Road (both sides) - From Junction with Kirkton Avenue eastwards to projected boundary of No. 46 Pentland Avenue07.02.2022- 25.02.2022
C19C19 from Riccarton Road Junction to Junction with U1414.02.2022- 13.03.2022
LinlithgowFootpath between St Josephs Primary and Linlithgow Primary School01.04.2022-19.04.2022
BathgateA7066, Bathgate25.04.2022- 03.05.2022


Factors can impact upon bin collections including indiscriminate car parking, bin lorry vehicle breakdowns, road closures and public holidays. Should the above information still not result in a resolution, please let us know using our online form:

How will I be notified?

Any disruptions to normal bin collections will be listed in the table above.

In the event of severe weather any changes to the service will be notified here, via Facebook, Twitter, email alert and local media.

How are collections prioritised during a disruption?

Our priority uplifts during a period of disruption to collections will depend on the time of year, for example in winter the priority will be grey bins, followed by blue bins and then brown bins. This may change during summer months when brown bins are utilised more with food and garden waste and may become a greater priority for uplift. 

During severe weather our collection vehicles will experience the same issues as any other vehicles and they may not be able to access streets to empty containers and bins.

Please present your bin on your normal collection day and leave it out until it is emptied.

If necessary, we will put in place alternative arrangements and give advice on these pages about how you should deal with your waste.

You can check your blue, grey and brown bin collection calendars.

What can I do in the event of a disruption?

Should you wish to dispose of your recycling or waste during a disruption to bin collections you can take items to your local recycling centre.

These are located in: Broxburn, Blackburn, Linlithgow, Oakbank in Livingston, and Whitburn.

You can also help by sharing information with your friends, family and neighbours.

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