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About the West Lothian Local Access Forum

Local access forums are statutory advisory bodies which aims to deliver a balanced representation of land managers, participants in outdoor access, communities and public agencies.

The West Lothian Local Access Forum is a statutory, independent, advisory body set up in accordance with Section 25 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.  The Forum aims to deliver a balanced representation of members including recreational user groups (walking, cycling, horse riding, people with disabilities, water sport users, etc.), landowners/managers (farming, estates, businesses, forestry), local community groups and public organisations relevant to West Lothian.  Members contribute individual experience, act as the voice of the interest group they represent as well as representing the wider access interest group .  They channel information from the wider community to the Access Forum and disseminate information back to the wider community.  By developing a consensual approach inclusive of all interests, the Forum provides advice and recommendations on outdoor access in West Lothian to the council and, via the council, to other persons or bodies.

The objectives of the West Lothian Access Forum are to:

  • to advise and assist on strategic access issues to the Council through the Access Forum 
  • to advise and assist in the development, promotion, monitoring and management of the core path network in West Lothian through the policies and priorities of the West Lothian Core Paths Plan
  •  to promote responsible access through the Police Scotland Livestock Worrying (opens new window)
  • to promote the sharing of knowledge, awareness and good practice in access

The West Lothian Access Forum meets to discuss and advise upon access matters, as well as supporting access improvements.  Working groups, consisting of interested parties and Forum members, can be formed to address particular issues and projects.

The Forum meets three of four times a year, being a mix of TEAMS and face-to-face meetings. 

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