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Four Pillars of Wellbeing Toolkit

Supporting our employees in navigating their own wellbeing journey...

West Lothian Council recognises that health and wellbeing is a key enabler of effective individual and organisational performance and therefore takes a proactive approach to ensure positive outcomes for employees wellbeing.

In support of The Employee Health & Wellbeing Framework and in line with the People Strategy, an integrated "Four Pillars of Wellbeing" toolkit has been developed.  The aim of this is to amalgamate all the different strands of support and information available in one area that is easily accessible to staff and managers to create a healthy workplace for all. 

The four categories are as follows: 

For further information on any of these subjects and access to a number of self-help tools and practical supports, please click on each category.  Alternatively please do not hesitate to discuss further with your line Manager or Human Resources on 01506 282222 selection option 3.

    Raising awareness and promoting healthy options for all our employees.
    An image relating to Healthy Working Lives
    Promoting Wellbeing events, activities and raising awareness on various health issues
    1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem every year. Half of them say that the associated isolation and shame is worse than the condition itself.
    Almost 8 in 10 UK employees take their money worries to work, affecting their performance. Fortunately, there are many ways to champion financial wellbeing in the workplace.