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Libraries FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here's where you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about West Lothian libraries and library accounts



If you have an enquiry about any of our library services, resources or your library account, you might just find the answer below.


If the answer's not here please email (opens new window)



General enquiries

Q: Where can I find my local library's telephone number?

A: You can find all local library's contact details, opening hours and services available on your library's webpage: here


Q: I want to join the library but I can't visit my local library at the moment.

A: All West Lothian libraries are now open without appointment and our friendly library staff will be happy to help you complete your application, please take 2 forms of identification with you (one must contain your address). If you prefer you can start your application by completing the online application (opens new window) on our Library membership webpage.  You will still need to visit your local library to collect your membership card with 2 forms of identification (one must contain your address).


Q: I have not been able to return my books, are they now overdue and will there be fines?

A: West Lothian do not charge overdue fines.  Please return the items to any West Lothian library as soon as you can. If you cannot return the items in the near future, please contact your local library for advice or email (opens new window) .


Q: I have had my books since restrictions began and want to return them, can I do this?

A: All West Lothian libraries are now open, therefore books can be returned to any West Lothian library, For individual library opening hours please visit your local library's webpage  here


Membership enquiries

Q: I've forgotten my library membership PIN

A: If you have an email recorded on your library account and know your library membership number/barcode you can retrieve your PIN using by selecting the Log in or My Account tab at the top of the following webpage: Access the online catalogue/my account (opens new window)  and select the 'Forgot my PIN' tab.  You will then receive an email containing your PIN.  


Q: I can't find my library card and want to access the digital books and magazines.

A: email us (opens new window)  to request your membership details using the email recorded on your library account. If you don't have an email recorded on your library account we will ask you some security questions. 


Q: Why do I no longer have a library account?

A: If a library account has not been used for 2 or more years then your personal information will be removed from our database in line with Data Protection and GDPR and a new membership application will be required.


Q: I've moved home but still live or work in West Lothian and want to keep my library membership. How do I update my library account?

A: You can change your details by logging into your online library account here (opens new window) , you will need your membership number and PIN or email us (opens new window)  using the email you have recorded on your library account (this lets us verify identification) or book and appointment to visit any West Lothian library with proof of your new address and our library staff will update your account accordingly.  


Q: I've moved home and no longer live, work or have a connection to West Lothian and need to cancel my library membership.  Who do I inform?

A: email us (opens new window)  and we will cancel your West Lothian library membership and remove your personal details from our database. Please note, we are unable to cancel accounts until all borrowed items are returned.