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Training and Support

We are accredited with Investing in Volunteers and Volunteer Friendly Awards

It is important to us that volunteers have a good experience so we take training and support very seriously.  All volunteers receive initial training relevant to their role, on-going training and can access support from our volunteering team.  Agreed travel expenses are paid.

Volunteer Survey Results

62% of our volunteers participated in our Annual Survey in March. This year we wanted to know if volunteers were happy with the time commitment volunteering involves. All volunteers agreed that they were satisfied  with their volunteering experience and the amount of time they commit to it.

Quotes from our volunteers include:

Volunteer Friendly Award logo
'Despite now having more demands on my time, I still try to volunteer as often as I can.  Staff and other volunteers make it a great thing to do in my spare time.'

'I would recommend volunteering in the Advice Shop.'

'I feel appreciated in this role.'

'Every session is different, so plenty of variety in the role.'