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Current Licence Holders and Suspended Licences

Information available to the public about current licence holders and suspended licences

Lists of Current Hire Car Licence Holders

The following lists contain details of current licence holders, these lists are updated regularly and at least every 12 weeks and give details of the name, licence number and vehicle information. For the avoidance of doubt this is the only information available to members of the public.

Taxi Vehicle Licence  Current List of Taxi Vehicle Licences [65KB]

Private Hire Car Vehicle Licence  Current List of PHC Vehicle Licences [91KB]

Taxi Driver Licence  Current List of Taxi Driver Licences [63KB]

Private Hire Car Driver Licence  Current List of PHC Driver Licences [79KB]

Special Event Vehicle Licence  Current List of Special Event Vehicle Licences [54KB]

Lists of suspended licences and those drivers who do not have a current medical certificate

The following lists contain details of suspended licences and details of drivers who currently don't have a medical certificate and are therefore unable to drive at present.


Suspended Licences   List of Suspended Hire Car Licences [59KB]

No Current Medical Certificate   Drivers who don't have a current medical certificate [56KB]

In relation to the suspended licences it is possible that the suspensions can be revoked in future, the lists are updated regularly, however you can contact the Licensing Team to ensure that licences are valid.