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Complaints about hire car licence holders

Complaints about licensed taxi or private hire car drivers and licensed taxi or private hire car vehicles may be made to the Licensing Team.

These must be in writing either by letter or email and give all the information you can about the driver or the vehicle. Please include brief details of the complaint giving the date, time and location of the incident.

Complaints cannot be investigated unless received in the required format.

All complaints which are received in writing, either by letter or email can be referred to the Taxi Examination Centre (TEC) for investigation. However, if your complaint involves an allegation that the licence holder has committed an offence you must report this first to Police Scotland by calling 101 or attending at a police station. Once you have a crime reference number you should make your complaint to the Licensing Team and include the crime reference number.

Complaints where an offence has been committed can still be forwarded on to TEC and will be monitored until the Police Scotland investigation is concluded, in the event where no action is taken by Police Scotland the detail of the complaint can still be considered from a licensing perspective.

Further information in relation to Hire Car Enforcement

Complaints regarding unlicensed vehicles or drivers should be made to Police Scotland by calling 101.