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Welfare Reform - Housing Changes

The Welfare Reform Act has introduced many changes for people in receipt of benefits.

Housing, Customer and Building Services are here to help our tenants cope with the effect these changes may have on their household finances. The changes are aimed at people of working age. If you are already a pensioner you are unlikely to be affected, with the exception of Universal Credit, which could affect you if you have a partner of working age. Universal Credit replaced six existing benefits and Full Service was rolled out in West Lothian in May 2018.

A major change for council tenants was the introduction of changes to Housing Benefit for those assessed as under occupying their property. It is in your best interests to check if or how this effects your household as soon as possible. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit and your circumstances change, please contact your Housing Office as soon as possible for our staff to help you.

You can work out the cost in real terms that these changes to benefits will have on you by visiting the benefits calculator (opens new window) and entering your own details.

For more information on Welfare Reform, visit the Government's benefits (opens new window) pages.

Keep checking this page for up to date information on Welfare Reform and Housing Options. Please also see the Links to external websites you may find helpful.