Former Tenant Arrears

Information on Former Tenant Arrears.

How can I make sure I have no arrears when I move out?

A housing officer will visit to carry out a property inspection before you move out of your house.  If you have rent arrears at this time an agreement can be made to clear the account or pay by instalments.  You may continue to pay by instalments once your tenancy has ended as long as you maintain your agreement.

You can also ask for your final rent balance when you hand in your keys.

How could I have arrears when I have moved out of my tenancy?

If you fail to give the full four weeks' notice required, or abandon your property, you could be charged for the full four weeks' notice period.  You will also have lost the opportunity to discuss any outstanding repairs that are necessary and you could be recharged for these.

If you do not hand in keys by the required date or time you may be liable for additional rent.  It is important that you check when and where to return keys to avoid this.

If you have an outstanding Housing benefit claim for your former tenancy it is crucial that you discuss this with the Revenues Unit prior to ending your tenancy.

How can I pay my former tenant arrears

You can pay at any Council Office in West Lothian.  Simply give your name, the address of your former tenancy and the date that the tenancy ended.

What if I ignore my former tenant arrears?

If you ignore your arrears and do not respond to letters your debt will be passed to a Debt Collection Agency, employed by the Council, for recovery.

Having your debt passed to a Collection Agency can affect your credit rating.

What action can a Collection Agency take?

Collection  Agencies can take Court Action to have a payment decree granted.  This means that your wages or bank account can be arrested.

Can I apply for another Council tenancy if I have former tenant's arrears?

You may apply to join the housing list but any debts you have after ending your tenancy can stop you from being allocated a Council property in future.

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