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Wind Turbine Noise

As well as being more efficient in the way we use energy, the other way to reduce the amount of Carbon dioxide from power generation is to use 'renewable' technologies. These make use of natural sources of energy and so cannot be used up. Now familiar in West Lothian are wind turbines.

Planning Consent

All wind turbine installations require planning permission. Additional considerations apply to wind farms and these are dealt with by the Scottish Government.

All applications to the council are subject to rigorous assessment by Environmental Health & Trading Standards to minimise the opportunity for causing noise problems. This means that although West Lothian now has many wind turbines, there has seldom ever been a complaint about noise from them.

Noise problems

If there is a problem with noise from a wind turbine, it is likely to be either because:

  • there has been a breach of a noise related planning condition on the planning consent for the turbine, or
  • the turbine is affected by a mechanical or operational problem.

In the first instance, you should contact the owner of the turbine. This will allow the owner to check that it is operating correctly and is not suffering from wear to mechanical components. Should problems persist, you should contact Planning Enforcement.