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About Pest Control

The council's Pest Control team provide a service to help treat premises and land where designated pests are found which are either by their behaviour, location or activity deemed detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the people of West Lothian.

There is no legal requirement on the team to provide a pest control service. We work to help property and land owners and occupiers deal with their legal responsibility to deal with pests considered to be a nuisance or risk to health and well-being. Due to varying work demands and service priorities it is not always possible to meet every request for assistance.


Due to ongoing service delivery challenges the service is experiencing there will be an impact on the range of services which can be offered at this time.  West Lothian Council properties and housing tenants can access the full range of pest control services. If you are not a council tenant you can now access most pest control services, including treatments for wasps, but not for other insects or squirrels. If you are not a council tenant and you require a treatment for insects or squirrels we advise you to seek help from another local pest control company at this time. We hope to be able to offer the full range of services and support as soon as we can.

Pest control do not routinely offer an advice service or provide information to members of the public or any other interested party. However, there is further information on our web pages, and other external sites can offer further guidance on dealing with pests. 

Trusted Trader LogoPest Control may take appropriate and/or legal action where deemed necessary in order to prevent or control infestation of rats or mice on areas of land within West Lothian. All property and landowners have a legal duty to ensure rats and mice are properly controlled.

Difference between Treatment and Visit

In the specific pages, the word TREATMENT should not be confused with VISIT.  A treatment may consist of multiple visits and be over a period of time.  The treatment covers as many visits as required to rid your property of the designated pest if possible. However if repairs or proofing to prevent access of pests is required this will not be carried out as part of the treatment. If access continues due to necessary repairs or proofing not being completed by you then it will be necessary to withdraw treatment. If other factors preventing successful treatment are not addressed then treatment will be withdrawn. If a request for service is made and a visit is carried out and no pests identified then the charge for service is still applicable.

Hours of Operation

We work between 08.00 and 16.00. Occasionally, we make special arrangements to work at different times. This may be done to fit in additional visits at busy periods or to comply with legal requirements to check traps.

Who to contact

Please call the Customer Service Centre on 01506 280000 with any pest control queries

Current Pest Control Charges

If you are a Council Tenant, West Lothian Council Housing Department have agreed to accept any charges on your behalf and you will not be asked for any payment.

If you are an owner/occupier you will be asked to pay the charges below before treatment.

If you are an owner/occupier but rent a property which is not a business  (i.e. a garage) from WLC you are still deemed to be private and will be responsible for the charge.

Please note that payment will be required prior to treatment

Type of PestCost (including VAT at 20%)
Squirrels£194.77 for 1 weeks trapping
Moles£194.77 for 1 weeks trapping
Bed Bugs£74.46 for a survey only.  Individual treatments will be subject to a quotation
Other Insects£74.46

Non-domestic rates are the above figures for the first visit then £65.25+VAT for each additional hour or part thereof for subsequent visits.

In the case of rats or mice, should the same problem recur within 14 days, the original job will be reopened and no further payment will be required.  If, however, the infestation occurs after 14 days, this will be treated as a new call and will require a further payment.

If the call is cancelled prior to a visit by an officer a full refund will be given. 

If an officer visits but for any reason cannot carry out a treatment then the charge will not be refunded under any circumstances.

50% Concessions Applied To Householders In Receipt Of:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit, but not Working Tax Credit, and your income is less than £15,910
  • Both maximum Child Tax Credit and maximum Working Tax Credit and your income is under £6,420
  • Universal Credit
  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme

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