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  • Maternity Notification for Teachers (Microsoft Word)

    MATERNITY NOTIFICATION FOR TEACHERS Maternity Notification for Teachers West Lothian Council maternity notification for teachers Form Family Care

  • Return from Maternity Leave (Microsoft Word)

    RETURN FROM MATERNITY LEAVE Return from Maternity Leave West Lothian Council return from maternity leave Form Family Care

  • Application for Parental Leave (Microsoft Word)

    APPLICATION FOR PARENTAL LEAVE Application for Parental Leave West Lothian Council application for parental leave Form Family Care

  • Sickness Absence Self Certificate (Microsoft Word)

    SICKNESS ABSENCE SELF CERTIFICATE Sickness Absence Self Certificate West Lothian Council sickness absence self certificate Form Sickness Absence Supporting Atte...

  • Return to Work Meeting Form (Microsoft Word)

    RETURN TO WORK MEETING FORM Return to Work Meeting Form West Lothian Council return to work meeting form Form Sickness Absence Supporting Attendance at Work

  • HMRC - Statutory Paternity Pay/Leave (Adobe pdf documents)

    HMRC - Statutory Paternity Pay/Leave Form Family Care

  • Application For Parental Leave (Teachers) (Microsoft Word)

    Application for Parental Leave Form Family Care

  • Employee Mental Well-Being Policy (Adobe pdf documents)

    Employee Mental Well-Being Policy Policy Supporting Attendance at Work

  • Employee Mental Well-Being Guidance (Adobe pdf documents)

    Employee Mental Well-Being Guidance Guidance Supporting Attendance at Work

  • Management Guidance - Reasonable Adjustments (Adobe pdf documents)

    Management Guidance - Reasonable Adjustments Guidance Sickness Absence Supporting Attendance at Work