Hardstanding and hard surfaces

The formation of hardstanding in your garden will not need planning permission as long as it's porous or drains into your own property. A raised deck, however, might need permission (see section on Decking and other Raised Platforms), and a driveway will need permission if it's accessing a classified road.

You will need planning permission for a driveway if you live in a flat.

If you live in a house you will not require planning permission, provided that:

  • the hard surface located between the house and a road is porous or that there is provision for direct run off to another permeable or porous area within the garden.
  • if the hard surface is a driveway, it is not accessing a classified road (i.e. an A road or B road)

If you're forming a driveway, you will also need to apply to Operational Services to drop the kerb and for a Road Permit, which gives you permission to cross the footway.

You will need planning permission if your house is listed or is located in a conservation area, or in the curtilage of a listed building.

A building warrant may be required; we advise that you check before you start work.

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