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Street Cleaning (Autumn leaves)

West Lothian Council is committed to keeping the streets of West Lothian clean and well maintained.

Autumn leaf clearance

From October to January we allocate crews and equipment to clear leaves. We aim to stop pavements and roads becoming slippery and messy and to prevent road gullies being blocked. Although we usually start this in October we often adjust this in response to weather conditions.

We prioritise leaf clearance in streets that have the most trees and try and schedule clearance when different tree species have lost their leaves. i.e. Conifer trees will shed their needles in late summer. Broadleaved trees often drop their leaves from October onwards. Leaves can still blow around and causes issues throughout the winter and spring. Winter storms can also dislodge further fallen leaves.

Pavements on primary footpaths will be cleared first we will return to clear other areas as and when resources allow.

We do not collect leaves from individual gardens.

Should you wish to report a build up of Autumn leaves which may be an issue, please report it using our online Street Sweeping Enquiry form.

What can you do?

You can bag up leaves from roads and pavements in your own area.

Leaves can be disposed of by:

Please do not put any litter, glass, tins etc. into your brown bin as this will contaminate the load and your brown bin will not be emptied. Any street litter should be placed in your grey bin.  

Please do not sweep leaves from your property into the road as this may cause a hazard to pedestrians or block road drains.