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Change in Circumstances

Details of when and how to tell us about a change that will effect the amount of housing benefit you are entitled too.

If you receive Housing Benefit, you must tell us immediately about any changes that happen to you or the people living with you which may affect how much benefit you get. Even small changes can affect how much we can pay you.

You may lose benefit if you delay telling us about a change in your circumstances. If we pay you too much benefit we can ask you to repay us.

You can be prosecuted if you deliberately give us false information or if you do not tell us of a change in your circumstances in order to get more benefit than you are entitled to.

What sort of changes do I need to tell you about?

Some of the changes you must tell us about are:

  • You change address
  • There is a change in your income, or in the income of anyone living with you
  • Anyone moves in or out of your home
  • Your capital and/or savings increase (unless they remain under £6,000 or £10,000 for pension age claimants)
  • You are going to be away from home for a period of time in excess of 13 weeks.
  • You are going to be abroad for a period of time in excess of 4 weeks.
  • The amount you pay for childcare changes

These are only examples of changes you need to tell us about. If you are not sure if a change might affect your benefit, contact us for more information.

How do I tell you?

You can tell us about the change by completing a change of circumstances online form, email us at or writing to us at the address below:

The Benefits Team
Revenues Unit
Civic Centre
Howden South Road
West Lothian
EH54 6FF

This form should be used to tell us about any change in your circumstances that may affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction.
Housing Benefit is usually only paid for the property that you actually live in. If you move, Housing Benefit will be cancelled for your old address from the date you move out.
If you have left your previous home and remain absent due to fear of violence occurring either in your home or outside of your home by a former member of your family, benefit may be paid on two properties for up to 52 weeks.
You can apply for benefit on two homes in a number of ways
Housing Benefit cannot normally be paid on a property until you actually move in.
Information required to apply for benefit prior to moving in