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Bulky Uplift Service Standards

We have an agreed level of service which we aim to meet for each Bulky Uplift request.

Please see our Service Standards page for further information:

Service Standards

  • Payment must be made at the time of booking
  • We may need to visit your property to give a bespoke quote for items not listed.
  • We will tell the customer when the collection date will take place. Collection will normally be within 7 working days of request.
  • We will remove items to be uplifted from the nearest point within the garden to the roadside. We cannot enter a house to collect items
  • We will ensure that all articles are disposed of in accordance within current waste management legislation
  • Customer must specify all items to be uplifted and only these items will be uplifted (this is for risk and insurance purposes). All specified items must be grouped together.
  • The area where your bulky uplift is to be presented must be free from dog fouling
  • If you authorise us to collect items from your garden we accept no liability for loss or damage to plants, landscaping or ornaments
  • If you wish to change the number / type of items after your booking has been made this must be done by 12 noon (lunch time) the working day before the collection is due or you may forfeit your collection appointment.


  • We must be notified of any cancellations by 12 Noon (lunch time) the previous working day, otherwise we will be unable to give a refund
  • We accept cancellations by phone or through the CIS offices

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