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Application for an Additional Year of Early Learning and Childcare

  1. Please note that there is currently no "save and return" function. You are therefore advised to collect all of the information you need to complete the form before you begin. Please refer to the Additional Year of Early Learning and Childcare Policy and Procedure and to the Early Learning & Childcare (3 and 4 year old) provision and Wraparound Care Admission – Guidance Notes
  2. 1. Child's details
    1. Gender *
    2. If the child is a twin, triplet etc. please indicate by writing the appropriate term.
    3. Child's address
      1. Selected address
        1. Cannot read property 'addressString' of undefined
      2. Find address
        1. Where should it be collected from
    4. Please include area codes for landline numbers. No space separators please.
    5. We may use this e-mail address to contact you regarding this application.