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Grounds Maintenance Service Standards

Grounds Maintenance Service Standards

In order to provide a degree of operational planning, service standards for grounds maintenance activities have been designed around resource availability, zoning methodology and the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse that defines standards for cleanliness and weed growth. 

Grounds Maintenance Standards that are maintained and are as follows:-

Zone / CategoryZone Summary / RemarksGrass CuttingWeed SprayingHedge Cutting
1  - Town CentreThis would include areas of high footfall associated with educational establishment, particularly secondary and primary schools12 x annually2 x annually1 x annually
2 - Residential (high density)Terraced, tenement, flatted housing and educational establishments12 x annually2 x annually1 x annually
3 - Residential (low density)

Detached and semi-detached

Housing and educational establishments

12 x annually2 x annually1 x annually
4 - Sports fields and facilitiesFootball pitches, athletic fields etc. and all sports facilities managed by West Lothian Council12 x annually2 x annuallyAd Hoc
5- Open spaces and parksOpen spaces and parks not classified as common ground12 x annually2 x annuallyAd Hoc
6 - Industrial areasAreas of common ground within industrial estates12 x annually2 x annuallyAd Hoc
7 - Classified roads and verges not included in zones 1 - 3Classified Roads (A, B and C) linking towns and residential areas1 x annuallyAd HocAd Hoc
8 - Rural roads and verges including Livingston GreenwaysThese areas have specific health and safety requirements to ensure safe operation1 x annuallyAd HocAd Hoc

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