Local Government Election 2022 Results

The count for the election will take place at West Lothian College on Friday 6 May 2022. The results will be made available using the link above.

Financial Support for Families

The Advice Shop is taking action to provide financial support to families with money worries.

We all want to provide a secure upbringing for our children, but the increasing cost of living can be a barrier to financial security for some families. Heating a home, feeding growing children, buying school uniform, paying for clothing, equipment and hobbies all add up. Families with low incomes can feel the pinch more keenly because they often have to pay more for basic goods and essentials. For example a pre-payment energy meter costs more than paying by direct debit and when credit it needed, interest rates are often higher because there are fewer affordable credit options when your income is low. 

The Advice Shop is taking action to help. A dedicated advisor can work with you to provide a financial health check to maximise income. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to some of these benefits and grants if you are expecting a child, already have a family or you are the carer of children.

  • Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Maternity Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Scottish Child Payment
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Best Start Grants
  • Universal Credit
  • School clothing grant and free school meals
  • Child Disability Payment
  • Education Maintenance Allowance

If you would like our family support advisor to contact you please complete our online referral form or contact us by email at fypas@westlothian.gov.uk or by phone on 01506 283000 (option 4).

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