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Development Planning & Environment (DP&E)

Planning Services fulfils the statutory planning and building standards functions of the council. Development Planning & Environment is tasked with delivering the strategy and policy set out in the Scottish Government's National Planning Framework (NPF3) and Scottish Planning Policy (SPP). The Development Planning & Environment team is the part of the service responsible for preparation (and monitoring) of the Local Development Plan and other supporting planning policy guidance (PG & SG), information and studies, which guide future development and the use of land within West Lothian and form the basis for making decisions on applications for planning permission.

If you have a general enquiry about planning policy please send it to dpgeneral@westlothian.gov.uk. If your enquiry relates to the West Lothian Local Development Plan (LDP) please send it to wlldp@westlothian.gov.uk, and for matters specifically relating to tree protection and tree removal you should email DPTrees@westlothian.gov.uk. By selecting the most relevant email address you can help us better manage your enquiry, ensuring that it is allocated to the most appropriate member of our team for a response.

The Scottish Government is responsible for the development and implementation of the legislative framework of the planning system in Scotland, setting out the strategy for Scotland's future development and policies on key planning issues and promoting good practice across the planning system.
Currently, the development plan comprises the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) and the Local Development Plan (LDP 1). Together they set out the agreed planning policies for the administrative area of West Lothian and inform planning decisions taken by the council.
The Strategic Development Plan (SDP) communicates strategic level and cross-boundary planning policy and applies national policy and guidance from the Scottish Government.
A Local Development Plans (LDP) is prepared by the local planning authority, in this case West Lothian Council. It sets out a local interpretation of the requirements of national and strategic policy.
The LDP 1 Action Programme focuses on the specific infrastructure required to facilitate the implementation of LDP 1.
The Development Plan Scheme (DPS) is published (at least) annually and sets out the council's intended programme for preparing the next Local Development Plan (LDP).
The council has produced a suite of planning guidance documents which explain and expand upon the existing policies and proposals contained in the Adopted West Lothian Local Development Plan 2018 (LDP 1).
The Development Planning & Environment team is multi-functional and also prepares the annual Housing Land Audit (HLA), maintains the council's Register of Vacant and Derelict Land and manages the process of protecting trees and making Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
View information and documents relating to the preparation of the West Lothian Local Development Plan 2018 (LDP 1) and access a reference copy of the now superseded West Lothian Local Plan 2009 (WLLP) and related Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG).
The council is preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP 2) to replace the current Local Development Plan which was adopted in 2018. The new plan will guide future development within West Lothian for a ten-year period starting from when it is adopted, notionally in 2026.
Guidance and Register

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