The Scottish Korean War Memorial

The Memorial was created by the Lothians and West of Scotland Branch of the British Korean Veterans Association to honour the memory of their fallen comrades.

It consists of an arboretum of 1,100 native Scottish trees, two mounds in the shape of the Ying and Yang on the South Korean flag and between the mounds a shrine in typical Korean style with the name boards of all those killed. Korean War Memorial

It is the only memorial in the UK dedicated solely to the Korean War that lists all the names of those killed.

This peaceful and considerate national memorial offers a tranquil environment for taking a quiet moment to reflect.

A short history of the Korean War

After World War 2, Korea, which had been occupied by Japan since 1910, was divided along the 38th Parallel into two zones of occupation with Russia to the north and USA to the south. On 25th June 1950 the North invaded the South with the intention of uniting Korea under communist rule. Due to its well trained and equipped forces the North quickly occupied Seoul and drove south over the Han River.

Where to Find Us Korean War Photo

Scottish Korean War Memorial
Witchcraig Wood, Torphichen
West Lothian

Sign posted from Linlithgow Town Centre. From M8 follow signs for Beecraigs Country Park




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