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Local Development Plan (LDP 1) Action Programme

The Action Programme signals an important transition from the plan making stage to the plan delivery stage, identifying the actions, timescales and agencies required to deliver the plan.

It was a requirement of the Planning etc. Scotland Act 2006 that the council published an Action Programme to accompany its LDP within three months of the date of adoption. While the main reason was to demonstrate how the council proposed to implement the plan it will also be used to monitor the performance of the LDP over time.

The Action Programme contains a list of actions required to deliver the plan's policies and proposals; identifies the appropriate parties or organisations that are required to carry out the action(s); and provides an indicative timescale for completing these actions.

In preparing the Action Programme the council was required to consult and consider the views of the Scottish Ministers, key agencies and those parties specified by name in the document.

At a meeting of the council's Development and Transport Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel (PDSP) on 14 November 2018, it was agreed to publish the draft Action Programme for the purposes of a targeted consultation with these parties. The consultation was carried out over a four-week period which ended on Thursday 13 December 2018. Responses were reported to the Council Executive on 5 February 2019 and the Action Programme was approved for submission to Scottish Ministers.

 Local Development Plan Action Programme

The Action Programme is structured as a series of five Schedules:

  • Schedule 1 identifies Key Infrastructure Actions allied to specific Proposals in the plan,
  • Schedule 2 identifies the Key Infrastructure Actions allied with the Housing Land Allocations,
  • Schedule 3 does exactly the same for Employment Land Allocations,
  • Schedule 4 identifies and aligns the policies of the LDP with what needs to be done to support the delivery of the plan, mainly by the council, but also other Key agencies and other third parties, 
  • Schedule 5 provides details of the Supplementary Guidance and Planning Guidance which its proposed to bring forward to support the LDP.

The council is mandated to keep the Action Programme under review and to update and re-publish it annually, for the lifetime of the LDP. As a consequence recurring annual updates will be posted in the tab below.